Leading the way in lead-acid battery recycling

Johnson Controls is proud to have helped develop the closed-loop recycling system, one of the best recycling success stories in the world. And thanks to the invaluable contribution made by our customers, we've helped make lead-acid automotive batteries the most-recycled consumer product in the United States, with collection rates exceeding 97%.

The most advanced recycling centre in Europe was opened by JCI in 1905 in Krautscheid, Germany and is now undergoing improvements to become even more efficient.


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Shaft Furnace ProcessProtection of air and waterAvoiding or recycling waste

Shaft Furnace Process

We use an advanced shaft furnace process to reclaim the lead from recycled batteries. It involves draining off the liquid acid and then feeding the complete batteries into a shaft furnace where they are smelted in a mixture of additives such as coke, limestone and iron.

This helps promote the smelting and transformation processes and cleanses it of impurities, leaving crude or raw lead.


Protection of air and water

We go to exhaustive lengths in the practices we employ to ensure that any toxic gas or water is treated and safely removed.

In addition, any waste water produced during the process is also collected and treated on-site.


Avoiding or recycling waste

How we deal with the various waste materials from the recycling process:

Used battery acid
Separated from batteries prior to smelting, it's filtered and recovered by specialised recycling companies.

Some 95% of slag produced in the shaft furnace is returned to the smelting process. Surplus slag has many favourable properties and can be used for road and pathway construction.

Lead matte
This is sold to companies that recover the sulphur content in the form of sulphuric acid. Other valuable metal content, including lead and copper, is also recovered.

Filter dust
Filter dust containing lead is converted into lead carbonate, which is then reintroduced into the shaft furnace process as a raw material.

Lead dross
The refining waste, called 'dross', contains metals which are recovered by specialized recycling companies.

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